Can You Claim Car Insurance For Damages Beyond Repair?


Whether you buy  car insurance online or offline, it is vital to know what to do it in a situation wherein your car is damaged beyond repair. Is filing a claim possible in such a situation? This article may explain if you can file automobile insurance claims for losses beyond repair.

What’s termed as ‘irreparable damages’?

Irreparable damage refers to a situation where your car has been damaged beyond repair, i.e., no amount of repair may help your car function as it did previously. Usually, a car may be deemed lost if its repair cost exceeds 75% of its worth. Since repair costs are high, salvaging the car is frequently a better option. A significant claim may lead to the depletion of your car insurance sum assured.

If you are wondering how to claim car insurance for damage beyond repair, then there is one primary solution. It would help if you had comprehensive car insurance. It protects your car against fire, accidents, natural disasters, and more.

Third-party car insurance does not cover damage beyond repair, since it does not insure your car. Thus, is it essential to know what is covered in car insurance.

How to claim damage beyond repair smoothly?

If your car is totalled, follow these recommendations for a smooth claim and payout.

  1. Get the proper documentation:

The FIR from the nearby police station is crucial for filing a Total Loss claim. It details damage, especially in accidents. The car insurance provider may additionally want soft copies of your car insurance policy number, driver’s licence, ID, residency evidence, etc.

  1. Provide proof:

Technology lets you film or photograph harm. This strengthens your Total Loss claim. Foremost things first, if you have an accident, get medical attention. After you and other passengers are safe, you can gather evidence for a claim.

  1. Follow claim procedures:

Follow the insurer’s claim procedure and provide all details. The insurance company may ask questions when you file a claim online. Your responses can help them understand your car insurance claim. Some insurers require a paper claim form. It is important to know what is covered in car insurance, because if the particular event is not covered, your claim may not go ahead.

  1. Be honest with the insurer

Being honest about what happened can help you receive optimal vehicle insurance support. If you supply inaccurate or misleading information, your claim can be rejected, and the insurer may decide to deny coverage.

  1. Avoid Repairing before claiming:

Inform your car insurance company and get the vehicle surveyed to settle your claim. Fixing the car would be expensive. Assuming the insurance may pay for repairs without alerting them can result in claim denial.


One of the most significant claims you may make against your comprehensive car insurance policy is for damage that cannot be repaired. After your claim is resolved, you can decide whether to utilise the money to purchase a different vehicle or for any other purpose. If you are buying a new vehicle, ensure to buy car insurance online as well.

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