Financial Advisor & You: Mark Hauser Explains Different Roles of Financial Helpers


A client’s financial situation can grow, evolve, and change over time. Whether they are dealing with familiar changes or ones pertaining to the economy, the assistance of a reputable financial advisor can go a long way toward weathering the storm.

Financial advisors like Private Equity Manager Mark Hauser have made it their mission to uplift clients as they seek profitable outcomes for their short and long-term financial goals. The founder and co-managing chairman at Hauser Private Equity, Mark Hauser, outlined what he expects from a financial advisor when looking for one as a client.

Finding a Reputable Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are not bound by any legal definition, and as such, they can come in a variety of different forms and areas of expertise. Financial advisors tend to operate on either commission or non-commission-based programs. Financial advisors who operate on a flat fee, hourly rate, or percentage are fiduciaries and work at the behest of their client’s bottom line. Advisors who operate on commission only profit when they sell third-party products or services.

Mark Hauser believes it is important to understand whether an advisor operates on commission or through a fee so that their fiduciary interest can best be understood. Once this is done, Hauser advocates performing due diligence with regard to their background.

Start With Credentials

Mark Hauser believes that clients should research and verify the credentials of any potential financial advisor. Doing so can yield results that lead to confidence in investments and financial decisions.

Work With Empathy

Financial advisors must be able to offer empathetic communication that is clear and respectful. When both parties are able to operate on the same wavelength, better results are possible.

Consider Alternate Options

Financial advisors work with clients who have stable incomes, for individuals who don’t meet the requirements of a financial advisor, NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors are available. These are fee-only professionals who do not market any financing projects. NAPFA-registered agents are screened to maintain competency while operating with their client’s larger picture in mind.

Robo-Advisor platforms are another option for budget-minded investors looking to save money or try alternative options. Robo-Advisor Platforms utilize data and algorithms to develop and execute investment strategies, benefiting from security enhancements and minimal fees along the way.

With the internet so readily available, it is easier than ever to connect with the right financial advisor.

About Mark Hauser

Mark Hauser was born and raised in Cincinnati as the son of football player Art Hauser. Mark graduated from Xavier High School before acquiring his degree in finance at the Miami University of Ohio. After leaving school, Mark Hauser would work as VP for Reynolds, DeWitt & Co.

Hauser Private Equity is located in Cincinnati, with offices throughout Los Angeles, St. Louis, Kansas City, Atlanta, and Chicago.

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