Never trade the CFD market with gut feelings


A lot of time people have put their trust in currency trading and the result was not good. In the business, no one can trust anybody. This is a competitive sector where each trader is trying to make a profit no matter what. We understand it is hard to believe because, after few years of experience, almost all investors think they have developed a sixth sense. Overconfidence soon takes over and money is spent on a large bundle. If you are wondering if we are making this up, talk with some skilled investors and they will say the same thing. Some experts have this skills but that does not develop overnight. This does not miraculously do the work for you, but it does assist you in terms of analyzing the trends.

In this article we will discuss why trusting the chart blindly is never a good idea. The volatility can change anytime and there is a real concern. Go through this article and it will explain, step by step, why having blind faith is the worst way to lose money in the CFD market.

There is no fixed pattern

The first dilemma is there is no constant pattern on the chart. Even if a person does think so, he will never see the identical movement repeated. Global phenomena affect the volatility which in turn affects the prices. Even if a trader tries to formulate a uniform strategy, it is bound to fail. Millions of people are trying to make a fortune. With the right tools and indicators, anyone can reap benefits but not with sense. Most of the time, professionals check any anticipation they feel before shelling out their cash. Once an order has been placed there is no turning back. Either close with a loss or wait to make a profit, which can happen occasionally.

The moment a person thinks he has found the Holy Grail, the volatility will change immediately. This is why many propose having  a contingency plan if something goes awry. In finance, this happens frequently and the only way by which the capital can be protected is through strict risk management rules. Read more about standard risk management techniques so that you can trade like a pro trader. Try to learn multiple methods of trading so that you can withstand the losses with ease.

In data we trust

Like the official motto of the US, investors should only concentrate on data. Most major newspapers have dedicated sections that publish currency-related information. This is a great way to predict how the day might end. Although it does not compensate you for losses it still helps beginners. Observe the community and find someone who invests based on news. To trade successfully, an individual must analyze the technical and fundamental data. If an individual has been operating for a long time, never think it was his instinct that made him successful. This plays a little role but the majority of success comes from hard work and making logical decisions.

How to avoid emotional attachments?

Sadly, there is no universal resolution to this problem. It is human nature to become confident overtime about anything. Never become too arrogant as this can distract you from your goals. Appreciate every win and the amount of labor that went into it. After a few losses, this should go away but if it persists, we recommend practicing in the demo account. This is a marvelous way to demonstrate how drastic the difference can be when intuition is the driving force rather than research, analysis and logic. Stop taking trades based gut feelings and instead rely on logic.


Taking the trades with gut feelings is always very risky. You should create a simple strategy and develop a strong risk management plan. Maintain a trading routine so that you can keep things organized. Work hard to improve your decision-making ability and keep yourself up to date with global economic news. Never take any steps based on emotions as it might be the main reason for you to lose money.

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